Everything from scratch

I started this little blog yesterday. The bum I am. Full of thoughts, ideas, projects. Carrying along a great bunch of capacities, experiences and frustration.

Some things are hard to learn and understand even if you stick with the wise ones that offer a different perspective on your puttylike, scanner, polymath, whatever you want to call it personality. Some things might add to your personal situation like trauma, difficult, even critical financial situation, burnout and/or depression.

That is my starting point now. Had to get there it seems to learn more, to understand more, to hopefully strengthen my compassion when it comes to the lives of others, their difficulties and challenges but their potential aswell. When it comes to you?

In a way I’m going to tell my story. Document my way from rags to raggamuffin, from depression to delight, from burnout to warm heart and intense action. Maybe on a daily basis. Most probable less frequently.

Sounds intersting? But then: there’s so many interesting things around… Luckily there’s a RSS-Feed to keep up with upcoming posts.